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Boazum (Fr): reformed church




The reformed church of Boazum, or Bozum as the name of this village is in Dutch, was originally consecrated St. Martinus, even though it is sometimes referred to as St. Margaretha. The church was mostly built out of brick, but all walls have been covered with tuff. It dates from the 12th and 13th centuries and consists of a big tower with saddle-roof, which was heightened once juding by the two series of sounding-holes, a one-aisled nave and a slightly narrower choir with a semi-circular apse. This choir was heightened later using bricks, and was given a five-sided upper part It is in Romanogothic style, which outside is only visible at the windows, which are lined with round profiles. Inside the choir is covered by a typically Romanogothic mellon-vault.








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