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Oirschot municipality (NB)

Oirschot is a town-like village in the Campine region of Noord-Brabant, of which it was the 'capital' in the Middle Ages. Part of today's municipality of Oirschot are the villages of Spoordonk, Middelbeers, Oostelbeers and Westelbeers.



Oirschot's oldest building is the current protestant church. This Romanesque building from the 12th century made from tuff was Oirschot's first church. In 1801 it became protestant.

Location: Vrijthof 1





A second church was built in ca. 1268. This was a collegiate church, used by a chapter, while the old Romanesque church continued to be used by the parish. After a fire in 1462 a new collegiate church was built, the current St. Petrus. With its richly ornamented tower it is a masterpiece of Campine Gothic

Location: Markt 2





Klooster Nazareth is one of several monasteries and convents in Oirschot. The complex were designed by Jos. Cuypers and Jan Stuyt, and built in various stages between 1907 and 1926. Eyecatcher is the chapel in neo-Romanesque style, which was built in 1910.

Location: Koestraat 37




The Carmelite convent Blijendaal consists of an early 17th century house, in which this order was housed from 1644 to 1663, and various buildings designed by H.W. Valk which were added in 1931 when the old building became a convent again.

Location: Nieuwstraat 28







The St. Bernadette in Spoordonk is a catholic church in Traditionalist style, designed by A.J.M. Rats and built in 1935-1936. Although the church has a tower-like frontal part, the actual tower is at the back, next to the choir.

Location: Bernadettestraat 2







Architect C. Franssen designed this neo-Gothic tower, which in 1893 was added to a church built in 1852-1853. The church was later demolished.

Location: Kerkstraat 10 






The current church H.H. Andreas en Antonius van Padua was built in 1933-1934. The church is in a Traditionalist style inspired by Gothic and was designed by M. van Beek.

Location: Kerkstraat 10







The old church of Middelbeers is one of the best preserved medieval village churches in the province. It was built in the 14th and 15th century and is in Campine Gothic style. 

Location: Willibrordstraat 25





In 1925-1927 and a new church was built. This St. Willibrordus is a large church in Traditionalist style with elements of Art-Deco and was designed by L.J.P. Kooken.

Location: Willibrordstraat 16








Westelbeers has no church but there is this small chapel, the Mariakapel. It was built in 1637 and was modeled after a chapel in Scherpenheuvel (now Belgium). In 1937 a tower was added, designed by J. Bedaux.

Location: Spreeuwelsedijk 1


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