Architects: J.H. van Groenendael (1863-1919)

Joannes Hubertus van Groenendael, who is also referred to as Jean van Groenendael, was born in Nunhem as the oldest son of carpenter and builder J. van Groenendael (1835-1912) whose firm was first based in Nunhem, later Den Haag and ultimately Hilversum. Jean was educated in construction and architecture in the firm of his father. Although he designed a small number of churches, he was especially active as a builder and as such responsible for many churches. He founded his own company in 1890 and was first based in Nieuwer-Amstel, later in Amsterdam, where he died in June 1919. 

Van Groenendael's work is often confused with that of his brothers N.J.H. (Jacques) van Groenendael (1864-1932, office first in Hilversum, later in Breda) and J.H.H. (Hubert) van Groenendael (1868-1942), who both often worked in a very similar neo-Gothic style. Many of the other brothers' works are often attributed to J.H.H. van Groenendael, even in official publications.

The following is a list of the religious buildings designed by J.H. van Groenendael's. 


1892 Nunhem (L): chapel St. Servatius

Small chapel in neo-Gothic style.


1897-1899 's-Hertogenbosch (NB): convent Mariënburg



Large Franciscan convent in neo-Gothic style.

1902-1903 Lisse (ZH): church St. Agatha

Big cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style. Spire replaced by J.Th.J. Cuypers in 1930.

ca. 1910-1916 Ubbergen (G):  chapel Notre Dame des Anges



Big chapel in neo-Gothic style for a convent and boarding school.

1911-1903 Katwijk aan de Rijn (ZH): church St. Johannes de Doper



Cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style. Interestingly, Van Groenendael's brother N.J.H. van Groenendael won the tender for the construction of this church.


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