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Boven Leeuwen (G): St. Willibrordus (W. te Riele, 1916-1918)

The St. Willibrordus was built in 1916-1918 and replaced an earlier building elsewhere in the village. This church dated from 1836 and was destroyed by fire in 1916. Architect W. te Riele designed a three-aisled cruciform church in neo-Gothic style. The church is decorated with blind niches in the shape of pointed arches, and most of the windows are placed within thee niches.
The church is not exactly oriented but faces to the south-west instead. At the front is a big portal, behind which is a wide, westwork-like tower. To the left of the portal is an octagonal baptistry. The tower has a polygonal stair-turret. Originally, the tower was much taller and had an 8-metres tall octagonal upper part. However, due to constructional faults the tower was lowered in 1922 and given the current spire.
The nave has a centralising ground-plan. The side-aisles are made up of three pseudo-transepts, the second of which are wider than the others. Instead of a true transept, the end of the central nave is heightened to serve as a partial clerestorey. The choir is a  polygonal construction in a rather conventional neo-Gothic style and is flanked by lateral chapels.








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