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Bredevoort (G): Heilig Hart en H. Georgius (A. Tepe, 1874-1876)

After the Reformation the Bredevoort catholics attended hidden churches in Vragender and Lichtenvoorde and, after 1676, a wooden chapel just across the border on the territory of the M´┐Żnster diocese. In 1797, a few years after the reformed had lost their privilege as a ruling church, two houses in Bredevoort were merged to serve as a catholic church. In 1853-1854 a tower was added. In 1869, it was found that the condition of the church was very poor.

In 1871 a new priest was appointed for the Bredevoort parish, with the mission to build a new church. A plot of land was purchased in 1873, and that year architect P.J.H. Cuypers made a design for the church which however was not accepted. In 1874 A. Tepe designed the current church, work began in 1875 and in October 1876 it was consecrated. In an act of friendship, many of the bricks were brought with wheelbarrows by parishioners of Barlo. Germany, some 10 kilometers from Bredevoort.

It's an aisleless cruciform church in neo-Gothic style, an odd configuration for such a small church but not unique in Tepe's career who included a transept in the church of Bedum and the cemetery chapel in Utrecht as well. The slender tower is almost unadorned and is probably the most modest of Tepe's career.

The church closed in 2021 and has become a book store.


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