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Nijmegen (G): St. Stephanus (P. Cuypers jr., 1922-1923)





Although Pierre Cuypers jr. had formed a partnership with his father Jos Cuypers in 1920, occassionally he designed a church on his own. The St. Stephanus in Nijmegen is one example. It's a three-aisled cruciform church with a large 12-sided crossing-tower. At the front is a facade flanked by two square towers.The side-aisles are narrow and have flat roofs. The central aisle is wider and higher and has a clerestorey. At the back is a short choir with a semi-circular apse covered by a half dome. Both the general style and details of the church show similarities with several churches Cuypers built in conjunction with his father. Apart from the two towers at the front, at first glance the St. Stephanus looks like a smaller and simpler version of the OLV Altijd Durende Bijstand in Bussum built in 1921.






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