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Haren (Gr): reformed church


The reformed church of Haren was originally named St. Nicolaas. Ever since the Reformation in ca. 1600 it has been protestant. The church was probably built on the site of a pagan sanctuary and is first mentioned in 1311.

It's an aisleless church with a narrower, rectangular choir and a tall tower. The entire church was built in the first half of the 13th century and is in Romanesque style. The walls of the nave are decorated with blind arches that seem to suggest that the church once had side-aisles. However, these arches were always closed, and the nave always consisted of one aisle only. The original small windows were later replaced by bigger, pointed ones, except for those in the first trave. At the north side is a closed entrance.
The rectangular choir is two traves long. It has the old small windows and is decorated with blind niches on its east side. At the north side are two closed entrances. In 1891 a consistory was built at the east side of the choir, designed by N.W. Lit.

The tower was restored by C.H. Peters in 1914. Peters restored the Romanesque details, removed two big buttresses at the front and replaced the spire with the current upper part with four gables and an octagonal spire.











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