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Holset (L): H.H. Lambertus en Genoveva

On the top of a hill is where this pictoresque little Romanesque church is standing. It was founded in 1136 by emperor Lotharius, probably as a replacement for an older wooden church which was built at the site of a former temple dedicated to the pagan god Bal. This same location is believed to be where the Romans defeated the Eburon people in the year 53.
The tower and the western part of the nave probably date from the 12th century. The nave was later extended to the east with a small choir, while also a rectangular sacristy was added to the back of that. The upper part of the tower was rebuilt in 1736 by Willem Mertzenich, who also designed the current spire.
In 1884-1887 the church was drastically restored by architect J. Kayser. Apparently the church, which could accomodate 160 people, was big enough for the village as it was not enlarged. Kayser however did replace large parts of the walls and reconstructed the Romanesque windows. At the north side the walls show a clear difference between old and new; the lower halves are made up of irregular pieces of natural stone while the upper halves show a much more regular pattern.
In 1916 a chapel was added to the north side of the tower,while a new entrance was made at the south side of the tower.





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