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Leende (NB): St. Petrus' Banden

In 1974 the village of Leende celebrated the 500th birthday of its church, the St. Petrus' Banden. In 1474 the nave and transept were completed. The choir however appears to be older, and maybe was built in ca. 1400. The church however was founded much earlier, and is first mentioned in 1285.
The tower was probably built shortly before the nave. It's in Campine Gothic style, a style many old towers in this part of the province are in. Typical for this style are the decorative blind niches and the diagonally positioned buttresses. One of these buttresses is part of a polygonal stair-turret.
The nave is in a style that's closely related to Mosan Gothicism, a variant of Gothicism that is much more common in the southern part of the province of Limburg. The use of this style so far from that region can be explained by the fact that Leende in that time was in possession of the lord of Horn (L). Especially the interior has many elements of this style, like the capitals on the pillars and the ribs of the vaults, while outside only the small windows in the clerestorey are visible characteristics.
During the Reformation in the 17th century he church was confiscated by the protestant minority. In 1798 the church returned into the hands of the catholics. There were only seven protestants left in the village, and there hadn't been services in years. The objections of the priests about the costs were overruled by the members of the parish.
In 1902-1905 the tower was restored by J.Th.J. Cuypers. To prevent it from collapsing it was strengthened. The western entrance had to be completely renewed. The same architect restored the transept and choir in 1916-1917. Both parts were heightened and the transept was vaulted in stone. In 1939-1941 chapels were added in the choir between transept and choir, designed by C. Geenen.








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