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Oploo (NB): St. Matthias




The origins of this church are in a so-called barn church built in 1730-1732. This was, as the word suggests, a church disguised as a barn, built in a time when the catholic faith was only tolerated under several humiliating conditions.The barn church was restored in 1800 and in 1834-1835 largely rebuilt in neo-Classical style. Probably in this period the tower was built as well. In 1890 a new neo-Gothic choir and transept were added while in 1905 the tower was heightened and also given a neo-Gothic look. In 1929 H.C. van de Leur, as his first autonomous assignment, enlarged the church. The nave was given a new centralizing ground-plan by the addition of, at least that's what it looks like on the outside, a second transept. Two chapels and a sacristy were also added. All changes were made in a neo-Gothic style that matches the rest of the church. Of the old barn church the roof remains.









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