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Sloten (NH): St. Pancratius (J. Stuyt, 1899-1900)

Although architect Jan Stuyt had joined the famous P.J.H. Cuypers office in Amsterdam in 1891, he made several designs for churches under his own name in the late 1890's. The design for a church in Lodz, Poland (1898) was rejected while that for a church in Copenhagen, Denmark (1899) wasn't executed until 1915. In 1899 Stuyt however managed to get the assignment for a new church in Sloten, a village outside Amsterdam which in 1921 became part of that city. 
Stuyt's first church is a real village church, a small three-aisled basilican church built in a more or less neo-Gothic style. This style is rather sober compared to the more "traditional" rich neo-Gothic style that was still the standard for catholic churches at that time. The church has a short square tower and an undeep rectangular choir. While the clerestorey has three narrow pointed windows in each trave, the side-aisles have circular windows only. 
The St. Pancratius would be the only church built under Stuyt's name alone for almost a decade. Shortly after construction of the church had begun Stuyt formed a partnership with Jos. Cuypers, the son of his employer. Although the two architects officially cooperated on all projects, Stuyt developed a style of his own in this period.






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