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Ursem (NH): St. Bavo (A.J. Kropholler, 1920-1921)


In 1853 the catholic community of Ursem was part of the De Goorn parish, which belonged to the order of the Dominicans. A request to the bishop for a church and a parish of their own met with the objections of the Dominicans, and as a compromise permission for a church was granted as a branch of the De Goorn parish. This church, built in 1858, was an aisleless building with church and presbytery under a single roof, and with a simple neo-Classical facade with a wooden turret at the front. In 1862 Ursem was raised to a parish. In 1899 the church had become too small and the inside portal was replaced by one on the outside. This did win some extra space for the nave but it was not enough.

Negotiations with architect Jos. Margry were made but came to an end when the priest unexpectedly died. His successor contacted A.J. Kropholler instead. Kropholler designed a three-aisled pseudo-basilica in Traditionalist style, with a polygonal choir and a tall and slim tower with chapels on both of its sides. There was some discussion about whether a tower would not be too expensive, but eventually Kropholler's design was fully executed. The church is mostly built of brick, as usual for Kropholler, while for the roof  red tiles were used. Use of natural stone is minimal, with a few blocks only at the portals in the tower and at the south side of the nave respectively.

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