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Hengelo (Ov): O.L. Vrouw van Altijddurende Bijstand (W. te Riele, 1926-1927)


The O.L. Vrouwekerk is a typical example of architect W. te Riele's attempts at finding a synthesis between a basilica and a centralising church. It's a three-aisled church in a combination of styles, especially neo-Gothic and Expressionism, although the church is sometimes filed under Traditionalism or "Delft School", a classification which has more to do with the attempt at centralising than it has with the architectural style. The nave is made up of three wide aisles, each covered by a seperate roof. The central aisle has a monumental facade with a portruding porch flanked by short stair-turrets. This aisle is higher than the others and has three gables on each side that form a clerestorey, although on the outside the windows are hidden from view by the roofs of the side-aisles. The main aisle ends in a short but monumental square tower, underneath of which is the choir which is closed by a short polygonal apse. The side-aisles end in chapels on both sides.






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