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Hertme (Ov): St. Stephanus (W. te Riele, 1902-1903)

The St. Stephanus was architect W. te Riele's third church, after the ones in Almelo and Elden built in 1901-1902. A first design was made in 1900 but was not accepted by the archbishop of Utrecht. Te Riele made a new, simpler design which, after a few small changes, did get approval.
It is a rather small building in neo-Gothic style. Despite its modest size, the architect decided to give it a three-aisled, pseudo-basilican nave. This nave consists of a relatively wide central aisle and narrow side-aisles that serve as corridors, all under one roof. The side-aisles end in transept-arms which are equally narrow. The choir is narrower than the central aisle. At the front is a short tower that reminds of the ones on some of Alfred Tepe's smaller churches.
In 1904, Te Riele repeated the configuration of the nave for his church in Luttenburg. This time it met with the criticism of G.W. van Heukelum, leader of the influential Guild of St. Bernulphus and advisor of the archbishop. Forced by this criticism, Te Riele abandoned the direction he had taken for a few years and gave his next few churches more conventional ground-plans.





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