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Lemelerveld (Ov): H. Hart van Jezus (A. Tepe, 1884, C. Hardeman, 1929)

Until 1874 the catholics of Lemelerveld belonged to the parish of Luttenberg, about six kilometers to the south of their village. But that year the village became a parish in its own right, and a temporary church was built. This church, which was built like a farm, soon became too small.

In 1881 architect A. Tepe was invited to design a new church. It was a three-aisled pseudo-basilica in neo-Gothic style with a front tower. For financial reasons this tower wasn't built until 1909. According to some sources the church was extended the next year with a transept designed by W. te Riele, while other sources claim that Te Riele added the tower, his former employer Tepe having moved to Germany. Other sources don't mention Te Riele at all and attribute the entire east part of the church to C.A. Hardeman.

Hardeman enlarged the church in 1929. It was probably him who replaced the fourt trave of the nave with a wide and higher transept. Surely he added the new choir with lateral chapels and a sacristy in a more modern neo-Gothic style.







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