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Lierderholthuis (Ov): St. Nicolaas (H.J. Wennekers, 1863-1866)

Lierderholthuis, the smallest village in the Raalte muncipality, dates back to a single house and a barn. In the late 17th century this barn became an improvised Jesuite church, serving the increasing catholic population in the region of Raalte and Heino. This barn church served until it was replaced by a real church in 1863, designed by architect H.J. Wennekers. Wennekers is a representant of the second phase of neo-Gothic architecture, attempting more or less successfully to copy Gothic structures while still using neo-Classical methods and details, such as the wood and plaster vaults.
Although Wennekers was a productive architect, the St. Nicolaas is one of only a handful of his surviving churches. It's a one-aisled building with little outside variation. At both sides of the western trave are confessionals, while at the south east side is a sacristy, which was added in 1866. That same year the tower was built. In 1938 the exterior was covered with another layer of bricks, in an attempt to protect it from moisture.







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