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Nieuw-Heeten (Ov): St. Joseph (W. te Riele, 1922-1923)


The history of Nieuw-Heeten pretty much begins with the construction of its church. Until 1923, Nieuw-Heeten (called Achterhoek then) belonged to the parish of Heeten, the church of which was at a distance of some six kilometers. First attempts at getting a seperate church were made in 1874. Finally, in 1922 work began on  the church, which was built on a piece of land located at the borders of the Raalte, Hellendoorn and Holten municipalities. When the church was finished the village was officially founded and named nieuw-Heeten.
The church was designed by W. te Riele and is in simple neo-Gothic style. There is some disagreement about the exact nature of the church. Sometimes it is called a hall-church, but this classification can easily be dismissed since the central aisle is higher than the side-aisles on the outside as well as on the inside. Of more importance is the question whether this is a pseudo-basilica or a basilica. The three-aisles are covered by a single roof. Although a clerestorey is missing, the nave is illuminated by three dormer windows on either side. At the front of the church is a tower, which is flanked by the ends of the side-aisles. The tower consists of three segments and has a stair-turret at its side. At the east side is the choir, which is flanked by the polygonal closures of the side-aisles.






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