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Oldenzaal (Ov): Hofkerk (A.J.A. Winters, 1934)

When the St.Plechelmus was returned to the catholics in 1809, the protestant community built a new church nearby. It was a building in neo-Classical style, with a monumental facade made out of sandstone. By the early 1930's this church had become too small. Although a plan was made to enlarge it, thus preserving the  precious facade, it was eventually decided to replace the church altogether.
A new church was designed by A.J.A. Winters, who used an expressionistic style closely related to that of the Amsterdam School. While on the outside the church was built of bricks mostly, the walls in the interior were clad with sandstone from Limburg. At the front, which is at the south side, the church has one large pointed window. All the other windows are rectangular and narrow, as typical for this style. At the back of the church, at the westside, are the tower and the consistory.





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