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Goes (Z): St. Maria Magdalena (A.A.J. Margry and J.M. Snickers, 1905-1908)

The catholics of Goes lost their church to the protestants in 1578. At the same time their religion was outlawed. And although eventually their presence was tolerated, for the next more than 200 years they had to use hidden churches, actually converted houses. The last hidden church happened to be right in front of the old church; of course its nature was by then no longer a secret. In 1815, 20 years after religious freedom had returned, a true church was built at that same place, a building in neo-Classical style which served until the early 20th century. In 1908 a new church was completed and the old church was replaced by a new presbytery.

The new church was most likely designed by A.A.J. Margry. Although the design is sometimes attributed to A.A.J. Margry with his son Jos. Margry and their associate J.M. Snickers, the role of the latter two is unclear. Jos. Margry was only 20 years old and still studying in Delft at the time the church was nearing its completion, while Snickers seems to have been mostly involved with furniture and interior design.

The St. Maria Magdalena is a cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style, with an octagonal crossing crowned by a lantern. This appears to be an early attempt at centralizing, as it gives those seated in the transept-arms a good view at the choir. Also, while the narrow side-aisles have narrow pointed windows, it's the clerestorey with its large circular windows that provide light to the nave., together with the rose-windows of the transept and the front. At the front, next to the facade, is a tower which on top has turrets at its corners. 





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