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Den Haag (ZH): St. Paschalis Baylon (A.J. Kropholler, 1919-1921)



The St. Paschalis Baylon is one of A.J. Kropholler's most important designs. The architect had built churches before, but these were not as big as this one. It's a pseudo-basilican church in Traditionalistic style. Kropholler's preference for the use of decorative buttresses is very apparent here. All walls are built of brick, except for some supporting pieces of natural stone. The choir has distinctively deep recessed windows. Around the church are several more buildings designed by Kropholler, including the presbytery. The whole complex has a more or less rectangular shape in which the church itself is diagonally positioned in order to have the choir at the east side. The rest of the space was filled with the other buildings, while a wall marks the outlines of the church grounds.
The interior is also typically Kropholler, with a wide central-aisle and narrow side-aisles. The choir looks like a big recess in the back wall and is the only part of the church that is vaulted. Covering the rest of the space is a large wooden roof, which is supported by a wooden construction.

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