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Grootebroek (NH): St. Johannes de Doper (S.B. van Sante, 1926-1927)


S.B. van Sante (1876-1936) is a relatively unknown architect who mostly built in the province of Noord-Holland. He designed only a few churches and chapels and mostly built profane buildings such as schools. In 1923 he supervised the construction of the Adelbertuskapel in Bloemendaal, which had been designed by French monk-architect Dom Paul Bellot. The next year, Bellot's  typical Expressionist style influenced Van Sante's design for a new catholic church in Grootebroek. The design was shown to, and approved by, Bellot. It's a three-aisled cruciform basilica with a tower in the corner between front and transept. The facade appears to be based on that of Bellot's church in Noordhoek, his only church in The Netherlands at that time, with portal and windows held in a slightly recessed arched, a layout repeated in the facades of the transept. The most notable feature of Bellot's influence are the narrow, pointed windows which are all over the church. The facade, transept and clerestorey has large ones, the side-aisles and choir have narrow ones. The windows in the apse are especially narrow.
Van Sante added a few features which are not in Bellot's style. Of special interest is the tower, which has a large brickwork cross on all of its sides. The eastern transept-arm (the church is not oriented) has a polygonal stair-turret.









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