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Buren (G): St. Lambertuskerk

Although still called St. Lambertuskerk, this church came in protestant hands centuries ago. This late-Gothic church is especially notable for the two octagonal upper segments of the tower. C. 1540 the lower of these two was added by Italian architect Alexander Pasqualini, and is a rare example of true Renaissance architecture in the Netherlands. The upper segment is in a more Classical style, and was added in 1661-1662, after a design by Pieter Post, one of the most important architects of 17th-century Classicism. The rest of the tower dates from the mid-14th century, and is the oldest part of the church. A stair-turret was added c. 1500.
The nave and side-aisles date from the second half of the 14th century. The northern aisle is the same height as the nave, while the southern aisle is much lower and narrower. The northern aisle has a portal which dates from the mid-15th century.
In the first quarter of the 15th century a double choir was built, the northern part of which was destroyed by fire in 1575. The remains were demolished in 1733. Underneath the choir is the family vault of the counts of Buren.
In the 19th century the church was covered with a layer of plaster which was again removed by the last restoration in 1975-1980.


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