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Spijk, West Betuwe (G): reformed church

Spijk is the westernmost village in the province of Gelderland and belonged to (Zuid-)Holland until 1986. The village emerged as a linnear settlement in the early middle Ages and has remained so until well into the 20th century. It has had a church since the 13th century.

The church  is a remarkably compact three-aisled pseudo-basilica built entirely of bricks. Its oldest part is the Romanesque tower, which was built in ca.1250. Earlier that century an aisleless church with a semi-circular apse had been built, traces of which were found during a restoration in the 1960's. In the early 14th century a new choir in a very simple Gothic style was built, probably around the old one. Around 1500 the nave was replaced by the current one which subsequently was extended with side-aisles. In the same period the tower was heightended with the current upper segment. Both sides of the tower were flanked by lower extensions of the side-aisles, of which only the one on the north side remains.

Probably early in the 17th century the gables were added to the side-aisles, replacing the original sloping roofs, allowing for larger windows. 

The church became protestant in 1614 and has remained so since.






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