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Churches in the province of Gelderland (G) pictorial index


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Pannerden: St. Martinus (A. Tepe, 1877-1878) Puiflijk: St. Johannes de Doper (C. Weber, 1868-1870) Ressen: reformed church Rheden: reformed church Rietmolen: St. Caecilia (C.A. Hardeman, 1931-1932)
Rumpt: reformed church Ruurlo: reformed Dorpskerk Ruurlo: St. Willibrordus (P.J.H. Cuypers, 1868-1871) Silvolde: reformed Oude Mauritius Silvolde: St. Mauritius (J.H. Sluijmer, 1931)
Terborg: reformed church Tiel: St. Maarten Valburg: reformed church Varik: St. Petrus en Pauluskerk (A. Tepe, 1877-1879) Varik: Dikke toren
Varsseveld: reformed Grote- of Laurentiuskerk Velp: reformed Oude Jan Vorden: reformed Dorpskerk Wadenoijen: reformed church Warnsveld: reformed church
Wehl: St. Martinus Westervoort: reformed church or Werenfriedkerk Wilp: reformed church or Dorpskerk Winterswijk: reformed church or Jacobskerk Zaltbommel: Gasthuiskapel
Zaltbommel: Grote of St. Maartenskerk Zelhem: reformed Martinikerk Zetten: reformed church Zoelen: reformed church or Stefanuskerk Zoelmond: reformed church
Zutphen: Broederenkerk Zutphen: St. Walburgis Zutphen: St. Johannes de Doper or Nieuwstadkerk


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