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Sint-Michielsgestel (NB): St. Michaël (H.W. Valk, 1930-1931)





This church was built as a replacement for a church in neo-Classical style elsewhere in the village. It's a three-aisled basilican church in Traditionalistic style. The impressive tower has four pointed gables and a spire that consist of four rhomb-shaped faces, an idea Valk later used again for a church in Heeze.
The church is a typical example of Valk's christocentric churches. Several measures have been taken to provide an optimal view at the altar. The central aisle is wide, while the side-aisles are narrow. The choir is undeep, but illuminated by a crossing tower with big windows in its sides. Finally, the windows in the clerestory are quite large, allowing sunlight in. In many ways the church is similar to the church in Panningen (L) Valk had built shortly before.





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