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Heeten (Ov): O.L. Vrouwe Onbevlekt Ontvangen (A. Tepe, 1892)



The catholic church of Heeten was built to replace a smaller building, built in 1791 which by 1890 had become much too small. Architect Alfred Tepe was commissioned to design the new church. Remarkable is the tower which, not unique but still unusual in Tepe's career, has no buttresses. The actual church is a three-aisled hall-church modelled after Westphalian examples, notably the St. Martini in Münster, Germany. It has a wide central aisle and side-aisles of half that width. Although the three aisles are equally high, they are each covered by a seperate roof, with the one on the main aisle being taller than the other two. At the west side, the side-aisles end in polygonal chapels that partly flank the tower. Each trave of the nave is illuminated by two high, pointed windows. East of the nave is a transept with two polygonal arms. This transept is only a little wider than the nave. In the corners between transepts and choir are lateral chapels which, together with the transepts and the apse of the choir, form a series of radiating chapels.  Tepe later used the same configuration for his churches in Tubbergen and Bawinkel (Germany).






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