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De Zilk (ZH): Heilig Hart (Jos. Margry, 1919-1920)

For a long time the small village De Zilk had been a part of the parish of Vogelenzang, with the church at about a four kilometer distance. In 1916 however a villager offered a plot of land as well as a large sum of money for a church in the village, a gift which was gladly accepted. The architect Jos. Margry was commissioned to design the new church and in March 1919 the plans were ready.

In 1919-1920 the nave and the choir were built. At the front the nave got a provisional facade, as the church was not yet completed. In 1926 the church was extended with a new front part with at its north side the tower.

The church is a three-aisled pseudo-basilica in a neo-Gothic style. At the east side is the choir with an ambulatory. The front has a round porch which is flanked by chapels. The interior is dominated by the stone vaults that cover all of the three aisles.



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