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Langerak (ZH): reformed church

The church of Langerak is an aisleless cruciform pseudo-basilica in Gothic style. The choir probably dates from the 15th century and is narrower than the nave, which is quite wide for an aisleless church. It was built in a very modest Gothic style and has several narrow windows. The robust tower was built in ca. 1500 and was not completed. It is partly flanked by parts of the nave.The nave and the lower transept were probably built in ca. 1540.
Unusual for this part of the country, is that the church mostly survived the Reformation and the period after that in its complete medieval form. However, during the entire 19th century the maintenance on the building had been neglected, and by 1905 the church was in such a terrible state that plans were made to demolish the church and replace it by a new one. However, instead it was decided to restore the church. Work began in 1911 and was completed a year later. The church was restored once more in 1967-1969.







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