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Molenaarsgraaf (ZH): reformed church


Molenaarsgraaf was founded in the 12th century. In 1244 the village was given permission by the chapter of St. Marie in Utrecht to build a chapel. This chapel was later replaced by the current church. The choir is the oldest part and dates from the early-15th century, when it was built on top of parts of an older choir that had mostly sunk in the ground. The wide aisleless nave dates from the 16th century and was built in a Gothic style inspired by Brabantine Gothic. It is supported by peculiar buttresses that consist of three vertical segments, the middle one of which is diagonally positioned.
A real tower was never built, although foundations for one were laid in 1588. Instead a steeple was added to the roof. The western facade has a big niche with smaller niches in its lower part, which may have been intended as a window with a gallery.
In 1962 the church was restored. All the traceries in the windows date from this time.






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