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't Woudt (ZH): reformed church


The church of the tiny village of 't Woudt is a one-aisled building with a built-in tower and no choir. The tower, or rather most of it, is the oldest part of the church and probably dates from the early 14th century. It is supported at the front by peculiar short but deep buttresses. Early 16th century the tower was heightened and the original sounding holes were closed. Later, a portal was added to the front. At the same time the Gothic nave was built. Like the upper part of the tower, the corners of the buttresses of the nave are decorated with small blocks of white natural stone.
Apart from its extensions at the sides of the tower, which served as chapels, the new nave apparently was as long as its predecessor, since the 14th-century choir was retained. This part of the church was demolished in 1831. The east wall of the nave gives an idea of what the choir looked like; obviously it was lower and narrower than the nave.
In 1958 the church was restored. The polygonal baptistry at the north side was rebuilt using old traces and the original sounding holes of the tower were made visible again in the form of blind niches.







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